Standard DOT Reflective Glass Beads AASHTO Type 1

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Standard DOT AASHTO Reflective Glass Beads Type 1
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AASHTO Type 1, Glass Beads, Sand like texture. Same standard DOT glass beads used on interstate, highway and local traffic lines. Meets all Federal and State specifications TT-B-1325D Type 1. For roads, parking lots, airport striping and more. Glass beads should be applied to freshly painted surfaces   Beads should be sprinkled on top of the wet while it is still wet at a ratio of 6 pound beads per gallon of paint. Sizes are 20-325 US Mesh, 45-850 Microns, roundness >= 80%.  Refractive index is >= 1.51.  Mixing reflective glass beads into any medium, even clear will greatly reduce reflectivity.  Shipped in re-closable seal top bag.
For extremely bright reflective beads. (The kind used on airport runways and interstate signs) go to our High Index Bead Collection.


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