How to Apply Reflective Glass Beads

Reflective Glass Beads, All Types, Instructions (How to apply glass beads)

Our Reflective Glass Beads can be applied to freshly painted surfaces, or they can be used with a line striping machine that applies the beads evenly on the paint. For small jobs a container with holes in it will work just fine. (Saltshaker, can, etc)

You can apply the beads manually by simply sprinkling the beads over the fresh paint. It is important to note that the paint needs to be wet for the beads to stick.

Ratio of Reflective Glass beads to Paint: You can figure to use approximately 5 to 6 pounds of glass beads, for every 1 gallon of paint used.

Also, you cannot mix the reflective glass beads into paint (not even clear) as the beads will not reflect. Beads must be first to see light. 

Our High Index Reflective Glass Beads  (Type 3) are about 5 times brighter than Standard DOT AASHTO M-247 Beads or any Type 1 reflective glass beads. 

 Reflective glass beads are retro-reflective meaning they only reflect light back to the light source. For example, when you are in a car at night you see reflection only because your eyes are at the same level as the light source. (headlights) If you were 10 feet higher than your lights you would not see the same amount of reflection. Incidentally the larger the bead size the better the angle at which you would see reflection.

Our beads can be used with virtually any type of paint or adhesive, however, we recommend using a lighter color such as white, orange or yellow.

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