Reflective "Airport Quality" Glass Bead and Acrylic White Paint Combo

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Acrylic White Paint and Reflective "Airport Quality" Glass Bead Combo

  1 Quart of High Quality White Acrylic Paint  and 2 pounds of "Airport Quality" Reflective Glass Beads.  The beads are to be sprinkled on top of the paint while it is still wet. 
White Acrylic Paint: High quality, Easy to Apply, 100% Acrylic Paint. Formulated to dry quickly and will not bleed on the surface: Perfect for applying reflective glass beads. Good Color fastness. Paint is durable and resistant to heavy traffic and weather. Uses include: Parking lots, garages, roads, highways, traffic lanes, arts and crafts, airports, fire lanes, loading zones, manufacturing plants and warehouses. Dry time at 77ºF (25ºC), 50% relative humidity,15 minutes to touch, 50 minutes for Traffic. Times listed may vary depending on temperature, humidity and air circulation
“Airport Quality”  High quality glass beads; these beads offer high performance and durability due to their extremely smooth surfaces, greater than 95 % roundness and less than 1% air inclusions.
Size 12-30 US mesh, 600-1700 Microns. 
Beads are Type 5 with a refractive index of 1.5.