Reflective "Powder" Glass Beads Mil Spec 11

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Reflective "Powder" Glass Beads Mil-Spec 11 (Select from 1 to 25 pounds)Free USA Shipping!

 Reflective Glass Beads "Powder-like" texture. Similar to the glass beads used on street signs and curb marking. Makes paint reflective. Type 1. Size: US Mesh 100-200, Mil-Spec 10/11, Roundness 65 to 95%. Refractive index is > = 1.51. Uses include traffic, signs, “sand blasting”, preening as well as arts and crafts. All of our reflective glass beads must be applied on the surface of any medium. Sprinkle beads on top of wet paint. Mixing glass beads into any medium even clear will greatly reduce reflectivity. 

Shipped in a recloseable seal top bag..