High Index Reflective Bead Variety Sample Packs - Type 3

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High Index Reflective Bead Sample Packs - Our most reflective brightest glass beads - Fast Free USA Shipping!

Before buying larger quantities of our brightest  High Index type 3 reflective glass beads, buy a sample pack so you can choose which beads will work best for your project or application!  Get it Quick with our Fast Free Shipping!

Sample Packs include:

  1. High Index Standard Type 3 (180-600 microns, sand like texture, white/clear) 
  2. High Index Powder Micro-Beads (under <100 microns, confectioners sugar texture, white/clear)
  3. High Index Aluminized Glass Beads (60 microns, confectioners sugar texture, Gray) 

Our High Performance reflective glass beads (Standard and Powder Micro-beads) are made using a unique and revolutionary manufacturing process. Only the purest of raw materials are melted into highly reflective materials and shaped to fine glass beads.  These extremely bright beads offer high performance and durability. because of their extremely smooth surfaces, greater than > 98 % roundness and less than < 1% air inclusions. 

 Our Highly Reflective Aluminized Glass micro-spheres  (60  microns) are the same as above but are hemispherically coated with a thin aluminum shell to create tiny mirrors. Aluminized beads are not only retro-reflective but dispersive as well. They have Greater than > 98 % roundness and less than 1% air inclusions and are gray in appearance with a fine powder like consistency.   Applications include reflective sheeting, screen printing, high performance road and airport striping, signs, arts, crafts, reflective paints and more.

Choose from the following:

  • 4 ounces of the 3 types of High Index Beads ($26.95) or
  • 8 ounces of the  3 types of High Index Beads ($38.95)

Important note: When applying reflective glass beads make you you sprinkle or broadcast beads on top of wet paint! Do not mix into paints or adhesives even if they are clear.